Sparkling Champagne!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, but new listings have gone up in the meantime.  Here’s an assortment of recent pieces that prominently feature sparkling champagne Czech glass pearls – perfect for weddings and formal occasions, but easily dressed down for work or casual wear, too.  These beads are one of my favourite kinds to work with, as is evident by how much jewelry I’ve made with them over the years.

You can click on the thumbnails to go to the individual listing pages within my Etsy store, or you can visit my design gallery if you’d prefer to see the larger versions of the pictures. Each of these items is under $20, as with most of my handmade jewelry, making them super affordable!

Do be sure to check out my other listings, too!

HUGE Update + 15% Off with Coupon

Whew!  This update includes five pairs of earrings that have been in my finished work drawer for awhile, but I hadn’t gotten around to photographing and listing, as well as two listings from my last update, and five brand new listings just made in the past couple of days.  You can click on the pictures above to go to the individual listing pages, or check out my design gallery if you just want to see bigger pictures.

I’m in the midst of a family crisis right now, and I’m doing my best to keep super busy – which means I’m making a pretty fair amount of jewelry.  Being productive is definitely a  better way to spend my time than sitting around worrying all day would be, so, until we get some test results and have an idea of what to expect, I’ll probably be cranking out more listings over the next few days or weeks.

All of this has served to remind me of just how much we all need hope in our lives, and how much the little things really count.  My family certainly needs some hope right now – so I’ve decided to spread it around.  Jewelry might not change the world, but it sure can brighten your day.   Enter the code HOPE2012 and receive 15% off your entire order in my Etsy shop.

Catching Up – Still Available Listings!

Time has passed like nobody’s business, and I completely fell behind on updating.  Since so much time has passed, I’m only going to feature the listings that are still available for purchase at this point, rather than recapping everything I’ve made / listed since my previous update.  Several of these are super fresh for spring & summer, and I’ve got some more things made that I haven’t had a chance to photograph and list yet.  Here we go!

Click on the thumbnails above to go to the individual listing pages of the items in my Etsy shop, or visit my design gallery to take a look at the larger pictures only.  I definitely recommend checking the full-sized images out if any of the thumbnails appeal to you, since these small glimpses really don’t do any of the pieces justice – particularly the silver necklace, most of which isn’t even visible in the thumb.  There’s a lot of design variety to choose from in this batch – not to mention some rich, vibrant colours!

New earrings in vivid jewel tones!

Freshly listed: three lovely pairs of earrings, all in fantastic lengths, that feature deep, vivid jewel tones.  Summertime always intensifies my love for colour – and for updos, with which these earrings will all look fantastic – and here’s a nice, heavy splash of the rainbow. A brief glimpse:

Click on the thumbnails above to go to the individual listing pages of the items in my Etsy shop, or visit my design gallery to take a look at the larger pictures only.  All three are under 2″ long and comfortably lightweight, and they would all work great for just about any occasion – not to mention the fact that they’re all three very reasonably priced!

You can pick them up even cheaper if you enter the code CELEBRATE when ordering – you’ll get 20% off everything except shipping – even already drastically reduced clearance items!  Here’s your chance to add to your jewelry cache without breaking the bank, and this new selection of earrings will add a lot of great colour to your look.  Please be sure to check out the broad variety of handmade jewelry in my shop!

Gorgeous steampunk necklaces to admire and own.

I have three amazing new necklaces to share with you.  These are detailed and artful pieces that are completely impossible to overlook; that’s just how it is with steampunk – and that’s what these beautiful necklaces of mixed metals, crystals, and clockwork are.

Each of these necklaces is totally unique, and I love all of them!  Steampunk is one of my absolute favourite styles – I love the way the grace and beauty of the Victorian era is blended with the gritty inner workings of industrialism’s machinery.  Until recently, I had only skipped along the edge of the genre, but now I’m really enjoying digging into it.  These three new necklaces are accented with clockwork (watch parts) in an array of metal tones, creating striking, one of a kind pieces that catch the eye and ignite the imagination.  You can click each of the thumbnails to go to their individual listing pages on my Etsy store. Here’s a closer look at each piece.

Chrono Necklace

Springs Eternal Necklace

The Machinist's Talisman Necklace

  1. Chrono Necklace – Inspired by the video game Chrono Trigger, this necklace was my first real foray into the steampunk genre. I absolutely love how it turned out.
  2. Springs Eternal Necklace – Hugely over the top, but lots of fun, this necklace centers on a theme of springs and coils, with spiraling wirework.
  3. The Machinist’s Talisman Necklace – Simple, yet very ornate and intricate, the multi-tonal clockwork and the silvertone springs really stand out on this piece.

Clicking on any of the pictures will take you to the item’s listing page, but you can also check out pictures of my work in my design gallery, as well. If any of these strike your fancy – or if you’re interested in my other jewelry – please check out my store on Etsy, where I have a huge variety of beautiful, hand-made jewelry designs at amazing prices.  Seriously.  They’re low.

Back online, and it’s time to CELEBRATE with 20% off!

Yes, that’s right – 20% off – my biggest coupon to date!  I have good reason to CELEBRATE, though, having just moved into my first home!  During the move, I had to place my store on vacation mode while we settled in, acquired internet access, and so forth.  Now I’m back in business, and to really get things started, I’m offering huge, awesome savings.  To save 20% on all of my hand-made jewelry, simple visit my Etsy shop and enter the coupon code CELEBRATE when ordering.  This coupon stacks on top of my already deeply discounted clearance selection, and applies to everything except for shipping.

I have lots of fantastic jewelry for sale, including some brand new steampunk pieces!  More on those later.

Clearance pricing + 15% off coupon = HUGE SAVINGS!

My clearance section is incredible right now.  Some of my best-loved pieces are available at seriously discounted prices, and feature free domestic shipping.  (International shipping is reduced to just $2.50 per order with no additional charge for multiple items.)  To make the savings even more awesome, you can use a coupon, too.  IHEARTMOM will get you 15% off through 5/15, while YUMMY10 is an ongoing 10% off code. Take a look at what’s currently available on clearance:

Something strike your fancy? Click on the thumbnail to be taken directly to the individual listing page at my Etsy store. Prices range from $10-16 before any coupon discounts, which is amazing for beautiful, unique, hand-made jewelry!  See something that’s almost right?  Feel free to convo me!  I’m always up for custom orders.

Featured listing: Isaac Necklace (Dead Space inspired)

To properly describe this necklace, I have to share some of the things that I love: copper, steampunk, science fiction, industrial / heavy / metal things, video games, fantasy, antiquing, experimentation, and armour.  Yes, it’s a weird blend, but this piece has a little of all of those things in it.  This is not your average, every-day, blends in with the crowd necklace.

The Isaac Necklace is so named for the main character in the video game Dead Space; its design draws its inspiration from the back of Isaac’s armour: coppery, horizontal plates with a vivid blue health meter up the back.  You spend a lot of time looking at Isaac’s back while playing the game.  This necklace takes some of the key elements of [the coolest part of] his armour and makes them beautiful, elegant, and eye-catching – while still being totally wearable.

The necklace is constructed of bare copper rectangles, which have been scuffed up and allowed to darken slightly to a medium-bright copper tone; they are hand-worked, filed, and punched.  These are not ready made components; this piece is unique.  The necklace is reversible, so if you don’t like the scuffing/scratching/texturing of the surface (which I, personally, think looks amazing), you can flip it over and display the smoother back.  It’s not perfect (it is the back), but it’s less battle damaged, if you prefer the ultra-shiny look of bright copper.

The Isaac Necklace is length adjustable, with multiple hand-shaped links at the back; the difference from the shortest to longest possible length is one inch.  These links, and the ones that connect the rectangles, are tarnish resistant – meaning they will stay bright and shiny.  The chain segments should remain a medium bright copper, and the rectangles (or “armour plates“) will darken over time, unless you polish them or keep them in an airtight container.  This way, you can customize the amount of contrast your piece shows, and copper looks beautiful in its darker, antiqued form.

This necklace will vary a bit in terms of appearance, depending upon drape – that is, neck size, length, etc.; I have included images that cover some of these different variables.  For the most part, a longer length looks nicer; it is designed to fall a bit loose, and too tight of a fit will cause the tiers to fall incorrectly.

Without further ado, feast your eyes upon Isaac; it’s available for just $18 in my Etsy shop, and can be its way to you in no time at all:

Please be sure to check out JuJu’s Jewelry on Etsy, where this and other handmade lovelies are for sale at amazingly low prices.

Save 15% now through May 15th!

It may be too late for Mother’s Day shopping, but it’s not too late to enjoy some fantastic savings on unique and beautiful handmade jewelry!  Enter coupon code IHEARTMOM for 15% off your entire order in my Etsy store – even on already deeply discounted clearance items!  The regular prices at JuJu’s Jewelry are amazingly low to begin with, so this is an awesome chance to get some striking, one of a kind pieces for pocket change.

I’ve been told so many times that my prices are too low.  I keep them that way intentionally, because I know what it’s like to not have a lot of extra spending money to waste on non-essentials.  Sometimes those non-essentials are what keep you going, and make it possible to get the essentials taken care of. You don’t have to pay enormous amounts of mark-up to look nice; it’s not about the price tag – it’s about loving the things you choose to adorn yourself with.

Everything in my store right now is $20 or less, and I’m offering a dazzling variety of pieces – earrings, necklaces, bracelets, sets… there’s something for everyone. Here’s a quick glimpse:

If anything strikes your fancy, please stop by and take a look! Most listings offer additional pictures, as well as a wealth of information, and you can always contact me if you have any questions or ideas for customization.

Featured listing: Guinevere Bracelet, v2.0

Awhile back, I made a bracelet that I loved the look of – but it had its quirks.  It was beautiful, but too many pieces had movement; not wanting to change it, I decided to keep it for myself.  Sometime later, I decided to revisit the design and improve upon it – and that’s where this bracelet comes in.  Newly listed in April, here’s the Guinevere Bracelet, v2.0, a one of a kind wire-wrapped piece.

This bracelet is extraordinarily glamourous – and huge! Due to the design of the handmade clasp, you can wear it on either wrist and fasten it easily, as the hook can be moved to either end of the bracelet; it is also length adjustable, as you can move the actual location of the clasp if you wish to! I love that this piece has a gorgeous array of antique copper hues, and such an over-the-top Victorian feel. There’s quite a lot of Czech glass on this bracelet, and it is absolutely impossible to overlook.

Guinevere is priced at $17.50 + shipping, which is a great price for a one of a kind piece that packs this much impact.  Plus, you can choose your savings: enter coupon YUMMY10 for 10% off your entire order, or GIMMESUGAR for free domestic shipping! Check out my shop on Etsy for more beautiful handmade jewelry at awesome prices.