about / gratuitous vanity

juliaHi! My name is Julia, and I love creating, designing, and otherwise making use of the combined forces of my hands and mind. My creativity, in its earliest forms, predominantly manifested in a love for drawing, photography, and the visual arts in general. Those are all things that I still enjoy a lot – but I’ve come to have the most fun actually producing things. You know, things that can be touched, used, and enjoyed. Things that can make a home cozy, a tummy full, or an outfit really shine. Not that those other things aren’t useful and amazing – but there’s a level of fulfillment in turning one or more materials into something completely different that I can’t really describe. I suppose we all have our particular loves, and these are mine.

It had not, initially, occurred to me that I could ever make jewelry. It began as a hobby, and slowly expanded into something that was not only fun, but came with a great deal of satisfaction; as my own tastes continued to evolve, the range of styles that I produced broadened. Now, I can confidently say that I make some of nearly every aesthetic that you can imagine – from my deeply beloved steampunk lovelies to super kawaii pieces that can’t help but brighten your day. I mean, who doesn’t love cute things? Well, I have stuff for those people, too. (Even if they are weird. It’s okay.)

Crafty stuff aside, I live in the southern half of the beautiful state of Oregon, where beards abound and being strange is normal. I have an immense affection for the music of Tom Waits, as well as almost everything that came out of the ’40s. I love shoes, but never want to wear them. It’s extremely difficult for me to resist a good shade of red lipstick, and I will find cause to wear a tiara someday without being hauled off by people in white coats.

Okay! That’s enough about me. I hope you enjoy perusing my work. I’m always open to creating custom pieces, so feel free to reach out to me.